MOREHSHIN ALLAHYARI / In Mere Spaces All Things Are Side By Side I

“In Mere Spaces All Things Are Side By Side I” is the first in series of videos exploring the complex adoption and accessibility of the internet in a Developing country. Rather than thinking about technology from a position of privilege, it focuses on the gap, failure, limitation, and the frustration of access to technology.

The videos are primarily inspired by my saved Yahoo chat histories from a 4 year long online relationship when I lived in Iran… but rather than delving into the relationship itself, it creates an imagined space between physical and virtual to connect the failure of the relationship to the failure of technology and communication.

Peter Kirby - Binary Lives /Steina and Woody Vasulka - 1996


Sightings: Littoral Zones, 2014

Really happy to announce the release of a new video series, Sightings, on the video label Undervolt &Co. 
A new video will be released for streaming every week, and some posters and DVDs are for sale as well!
Here is Littoral Zones, the first video of the series.  

Littoral Zones- Sabrina Ratté from Undervolt & Co. on Vimeo.



Here is a new video for Le RévélateurAfterimage Selves, a track taken from the full-length Extreme Events, released by Root Strata on August 22nd (Europe) and September 2nd (USA).



A while back I found this particular video on Youtube and I was thrilled; I didn't have much information about the artist, but this work alone was enough to be a great inspiration to me. A few months later, I realized that the video got removed and I was quite disappointed, but only until Mr. Chamberlain himself noticed the post on this blog and kindly wrote me an email about it. He gave me a little bit more insights about his work and very generously, he sent me a DVD copy including some of his video work from the same era.

He says that this video was produced at one of many residencies at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY. The center started up in late 70's as a grant funded research and production center for experimental video. The mandate of the center was to design and build equipment to be housed in a lab that was cheaply accessible to artists. They had very competitive prices and a lot of artists applied for this residency. David Jones designed and built most of the equipment which was during the hybrid analog/digital transition days. The totally synthetic imagery (no camera) of Chamberlain's work was produced by a system David Jones built for the center that basically converted analog waveforms from modified audio synth processors (8 analog inputs) into digital control signals (8 digital outputs). Apparently, he is still building as David Jones Design...video switching matrixes, etc.

Mr Chamberlain has been a musician for years, and he composed the music for all of his videos. He's also been teaching video art for the last 40 years and he even developed an electronic arts program at the university of Hawaii in 1991 where he is still today.

Mr. Chamberlain is quite aware of the VHS quality of the transfer for this work and to quote him: "The occasional Glitches resulting from old age actually match up with contemporary glitch aesthetics...sort of curious."



“My work concerns the paradoxes of visual perception, the enigmas and quirks, and how it all forms the basis for our realities. The impact, excitement, and energies created by incongruity, juxtaposition and opposites all interest me.

The images are couched in paradoxical terms and must challenge the mind’s eye, must invoke opposites and hold them in tension. The work at times seems to refer to something in reality, but then the reference is denied. Identity; the fusion of so many experiences, so many inquiries, so many intuitions is also a primary issue.” -Deborah Remington



New video made for Computers Club, Visites Possibles embeds different electronic landscapes into the walls of an architectural space. "Entities" arise and disappear regularly throughout the visit, as if haunting this virtual environment.

Special thanks to Roger Tellier-Craig for this stunning electronic score.




MATTHEW SCHLANGER / Before The Flood / 1985

Before the Flood is made up of recordings from at least 3 sessions at the Experimental Television Center. It is a three part piece, the first section was recorded in January 1985, the second section in one or two sessions in February, and the third part was recorded in March. With a little more generosity, each of the three movements could have easily been edited to stand alone.


SPECTRAL NET // Undervolt & Co. Video Label

I am happy to announce the result of a year long collaboration with the amazing Brenna Murphy, Birch Cooper and Roger Tellier-Craig. I've been an admirer of Brenna and Birch's work for a while and this was a truly amazing experience for Roger end I to collaborate with them. Along the way, Yoshi Sodeoka started to work on a video label project, UNDERVOLT&CO., and we thought this was a great context for Spectral Net to present the result of our first collaborative video series. I will also release some solo work on the label eventually.

About Spectral Net:

Spectral Net is a collaboration between Brenna Murphy, Birch Cooper (Portland), Roger Tellier-Craig and me (Montreal).  We have been working on parallel roads for a few years now, mutually aware and admiring each other’s works during all this time. Our common interest for digital and analog technologies, electronic sonorities and visuals as well as experimental approaches have set grounds for this collaborative project, which started in early 2013 and has since evolved to become Spectral Net.  Although our interests are very similar, our aesthetic and the tools we use differ on many levels, which makes this collaboration an unexpected and unique meeting between our two (or four) distinctive artistic approaches.

For our first series, we focused on experimenting and developing a language by generating and exchanging original work to be used as source material by the collaborators. The analog and digital sounds were provided by Roger and Birch who created a bank from which Brenna and I could choose and add to our videos. The series of four videos, is the result of the dialogue between these different approches to video and sound.

Here is the trailer showing excerpts of the 4 videos, which in total make 20 minutes long. You can download the file for 5$ or donate what you judge fair here: http://www.undervolt.co/Spectral-Sequences-Vol-1-Spectral-Net



Here is the result of the work in progress I talked about here. It's a 1 minute video I made for the 50 years of video art, commissioned by CQAM. I used the LZX modular video synthesizer to interact with the movements of the dancer. The context of this commission seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay an homage to many of my favorite video artists who worked with dancers and videos. Ed Tannenbaum, Erkki KuriennemiWoody Vasulka, Jean Piché for example. 

Roger Rellier-Craig did a fantastic job for the music, and Claudine Hébert was the wonderful dancer.