I made it! I succeeded in making one video a week for a whole year!
52-Pick-Up is a project conceived and coordinated by Dayna McLeod: "52 Pick-Up is a series of videos made by anyone who is up for the challenge of making one video a week for 52 weeks straight. It is a video production challenge. Equivalent to drawing a sketch-a day or writing a page-a-day, it's an exercise in endurance to get the juices flowing with a quick deadline that can be used as an excuse for both brilliance and failure."

When I started this project, I thought that I could miss one or two weeks occasionnally... But I caught myself being really engaged in the process, not wanting to miss one week even if it meant posting some ugly weird stuff.
After a year, I can say that it radically transformed my philosophy about producing work, and about what I value in terms of video making. Now, I feel more strongly about the process than about anything else. The gems that come out of this process are rare and not to be expected. Making videos is all about work. The magic occurs once in a while, in between two ugly videos...

Most of the videos on that 52 Pick-Up page are sketches and experimentations that I've integrated later in more accomplished works. I tried to create new and different approaches with each video, finding my own "home-made" way of creating visual effects. Here are some videos that never ended up on my Vimeo or anywhere else, but that I am still very fond of.

La mer électronique---music by Laurie Spiegel



Chris said...

amazing thats quite a bit of work to say the least :)

and some of the images are fantastic.

Chris said...
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Sabrina Ratté said...

Thank you for your comment.
And for your blog!

Chris said...

oops I double posted (bad internet)

you blog is also very interesting

keep up the good work

Unknown said...

AMAZING work, Sabrina! So glad to have had you on board, and I am thrilled that you want to do a second year! xxd