Over the last few months, I have been working intensively on the footage I got from Positano and Capri. Out of this footage, I made an 8 minute video called Station Balnéaire for a show at the Ghost Gallery in Seattle, curated by Christian Petersen (including the work of Sara Ludy and Nicolas Sassoon among others). More info HERE. I also produced a series of stills taken from the video which will be posted soon on the site of their online magazine I Want You. It's worth taking a look at their website, there are some really amazing images. (Check out Stellar Om Source)

I am also working on a live video projection that will take place at the Montreal Gallery Espace Projet organised by Le Phosphène Ciné-club. Roger Tellier-Craig will accompany my images with his great electronic music and it will be very different from what we usually do with Le Révélateur. This will happen next Wednesday, July 13. Here are various stills taken from my experiments with these inspiring landscapes.


dispo said...

Very promising pics. I'd love to see the video / the show(s).

Sabrina Ratté said...

Thanks a lot! I will post the video eventually, when the show is done.