A lot of exciting news this month concerning my personal work. I thought I'd share! First, this week Roger Tellier-Craig AKA Le Révélateur and I had the chance to be invited to the Montreal Sessions, a radio show on CKUT, curated this month by Natasha Pickowicz. We played some music that inspired our work, and discussed about our projects among many other things. You can listen to the show here. (November 8th).

Other great news came from the San Francisco Label Root Strata.
A DVD of my work with Le Révélateur will be released on November 15th and 100 copies will be available to purchase online. Maxwell August Croy from the label did a great job designing the sleeve and the DVD cover from still images of the videos. I'll post more informations about it later.

I have also contributed to the online and printed magazine I WANT YOU, and it is out now! You can give a look here.

And finally, Le Révélateur and I will play a concert with new material at Casa Del Popolo this Saturday. The line-up is awesome (Steve Hauschildt + Driphouse + Souffle) so if you are in Montreal come check it out! The poster was made by the talented collage artist (and musician) Félix Morel.


dispo said...

Exciting news indeed. I hope I'll catch one of the 100 DVDs. (Speaking of DVDs: ours is about to go to the pressing plant too, will email you).

Sabrina Ratté said...

Another great news! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, how can I buy your dvd, root strata doesn't seem to have a web shop. I live in France. Thanks !

Sabrina Ratté said...

Hi, Root Strata will post all the infos this week in their Newsletter. The DVD are not out yet, it will take a few days... They will be sold on Thrill Jockey.