Short video inspired by "The Zone" from Tarkovsky's film "Stalker" and from the Strugatsky's Brothers book "Roadside Picnic". This video is part of the project "Special effects"commissioned by Cartune Xprez. It will premiere at the Museum of the Moving Images in NYC on January 18th.

Contributors include James Duesing, Amy Lockhart, Yoshi Sodeoka, Billy Grant, Michael Bell-Smith, Ola Vasiljeva, Jacob Ciocci, Andrew Benson, Jeff Kriksciun, Chad VanGaalen, Philippe Blanchard, E*Rock, Luke Painter, Brandon Blommaert, Stu Hughes, Devin Flynn, Michael Robinson, Sabrina Ratté, Ben Coonley, and Brenna Murphy. Written by Peter Burr, Maya Lubinsky, and PFFR. Costumes by Diana Joy. Set by Peter Burr and Elliot Montgomery. Computer programming by Mike Heavers.


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