This Gallery is still under development. It currently contains over 3000 photographs that relate to Computing and computer staff on the Chilton site that housed both the Atlas Computer Laboratory and the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.


Ken Knowlton Mosaic received on visit to Bell Labs 00.08.68

Roger Hockney Galaxy Evolution (Tomorrows World) 00.07.71

rPERQ Screen Many Lines 05.03.81

Magnet Design Bill Trowbridge 03.11.80

Rutherford VDU Operator Ruth Jeans 10.06.76

Network DECNET 09.06.81

Office Automation Conference, Philadelphia 00.02.83

Susan Hockey- Chinese Poem in Rows 00.00.71

Transputer 07.04.87

Strathclyde Transputer Centre 02.06.88


dispo said...

Wow, what an amazing find! An endless source. I love the combination of technology-historically relevant images and pictures from retirement parties. Real people. I might reblog this (with a link to your blog of course) if it's ok.

Sabrina Ratté said...

Oh yes, of course!

dispo said...

Thanks Sabrina, I made a post now (with completely different pictures). Cheers from Switzerland!

Sabrina Ratté said...

Nice choice of images! I think we could make several posts from so many different perspectives with that image bank! Cheers!