Vibeke Sorensen working on 'S'electrons' (1978)

I've already posted videos under the name of Dean Winkler, who often collaborated with Tom DeWitt and Vibeke Sorensen. I just stumbled upon Vibeke Sorensen's website, and discovered more (really cool) videos from them, and way more about Sorensen's work... She also composed some very nice music for the videos. It's worth to give a look at her website for other videos (this one is quite nice Temple), stereoscopic images, and a more detailed bio...

Vibeke Sorensen
is an artist working in experimental new media, including computer graphics and animation. From her early work with hybrid video synthesizers in the 1970s, through her long engagement with three-dimensional computer graphics, to her internet based pieces and architectural installations, she has created a series of prints, films, videotapes, and interactive works while also experimenting with and contributing to the development of new systems and methods.

Phil Mercurio and Vibeke Sorensen in the Advanced Scientific Visualization Laboratory, SDSC

Abstract video art created in 1980. Video by Tom DeWitt, Vibeke Sorensen and Dean Winkler.
Music by Vibeke Sorensen.

Excerpt from video by Tom DeWitt, Vibeke Sorensen, and Dean Winkler, 1983
Music by Vibeke Sorensen

Video by Vibeke Sorensen and Tom DeWitt, 1983
Music by Vibeke Sorensen

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