MATTHEW SCHLANGER / Before The Flood / 1985

Before the Flood is made up of recordings from at least 3 sessions at the Experimental Television Center. It is a three part piece, the first section was recorded in January 1985, the second section in one or two sessions in February, and the third part was recorded in March. With a little more generosity, each of the three movements could have easily been edited to stand alone.


SPECTRAL NET // Undervolt & Co. Video Label

I am happy to announce the result of a year long collaboration with the amazing Brenna Murphy, Birch Cooper and Roger Tellier-Craig. I've been an admirer of Brenna and Birch's work for a while and this was a truly amazing experience for Roger end I to collaborate with them. Along the way, Yoshi Sodeoka started to work on a video label project, UNDERVOLT&CO., and we thought this was a great context for Spectral Net to present the result of our first collaborative video series. I will also release some solo work on the label eventually.

About Spectral Net:

Spectral Net is a collaboration between Brenna Murphy, Birch Cooper (Portland), Roger Tellier-Craig and me (Montreal).  We have been working on parallel roads for a few years now, mutually aware and admiring each other’s works during all this time. Our common interest for digital and analog technologies, electronic sonorities and visuals as well as experimental approaches have set grounds for this collaborative project, which started in early 2013 and has since evolved to become Spectral Net.  Although our interests are very similar, our aesthetic and the tools we use differ on many levels, which makes this collaboration an unexpected and unique meeting between our two (or four) distinctive artistic approaches.

For our first series, we focused on experimenting and developing a language by generating and exchanging original work to be used as source material by the collaborators. The analog and digital sounds were provided by Roger and Birch who created a bank from which Brenna and I could choose and add to our videos. The series of four videos, is the result of the dialogue between these different approches to video and sound.

Here is the trailer showing excerpts of the 4 videos, which in total make 20 minutes long. You can download the file for 5$ or donate what you judge fair here: http://www.undervolt.co/Spectral-Sequences-Vol-1-Spectral-Net



Here is the result of the work in progress I talked about here. It's a 1 minute video I made for the 50 years of video art, commissioned by CQAM. I used the LZX modular video synthesizer to interact with the movements of the dancer. The context of this commission seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay an homage to many of my favorite video artists who worked with dancers and videos. Ed Tannenbaum, Erkki KuriennemiWoody Vasulka, Jean Piché for example. 

Roger Rellier-Craig did a fantastic job for the music, and Claudine Hébert was the wonderful dancer.



"Film is capable of presenting unrealistic world as a vivid reality and creating a strange space peculiar to the media. My major intention is to change the ordinary every day life scenes and draw the audience (myself) into a vortex of supernatural illusion by exercising the magic of films." (Takashi Ito, in Image Forum, Oct.1984)


PADDLES ON! the first-ever digital art auction at Phillips

Online bidding for Paddles On, the first-ever digital art auction at Phillips, is now open on Paddle8.

Phillips has partnered with Tumblr and curator Lindsay Howard to present Paddles ON!, a groundbreaking auction and exhibition that brings together artists who are using digital technologies to establish the next generation of contemporary art.

Selected artists: Silvia Bianchi + Ricardo Juárez, Petra Cortright, Alexandra Gorczynski, Joe Hamilton, Ilja Karilampi, Brenna Murphy, Aude Pariset, Sabrina Ratté, Casey Reas, Rafaël Rozendaal, Nicolas Sassoon, Molly Soda, Kate Steciw, Mark Tribe, Clement Valla, Addie Wagenknecht, and Jamie Zigelbaum

10 October 2013

5 – 12 October 2013
450 Park Avenue, New York

Online Auction
Powered by Paddle8
1 – 5 October 2013




Here is a new video I made for Tim Hecker. The found footage was chosen by Tim; I edited and applied the visual effects on it. Black Refraction is a track a his upcoming LP Virgins, via Kranky and Paper Bag. 


50 Years of Video Art

I am currently working on a one minute video commissioned by CQAM for the 50 years of Video Art, event organized by Les Instants Vidéos. It will take place in Marseille next November. Here are some photos of the shooting, for which I could beneficiate of the Oboro facilities, an art center in Montreal...

The contemporary dancer is my good friend Claudine Hébert, with whom I already made some short dance videos HERE and HERE. I wanted to push further the exercise and experience working in a real "pro" setting. One minute is very short, so I might use the footage for more than one video! It was also a good opportunity to pay hommage to the great video artists who worked with dancers and technology like Erkki Kurenniemi , Ed Tannenbaum, or with humans (Ed Emshwiller) and body parts like this video of Woody Vasulka...

Here is the official version of the birth of video art taken from Les Instants Vidéos website:

The year 63 was chosen as the starting point of this great history (which is far from being finish) in reference to a founding act made by the Corean artist Nam June Paik who exhibited his 13 “prepared” TV sets in the Parnass Gallery in Wuppertal in Germany, in the frame of a Fluxus event (Music/Electronic TV). The same year, the German artist Wolf Vostell screened his famous “Sun in your head” and the french Jean-Christophe Averty caused a scandal on television when he put a baby in a mill (“The green grapes”, October 63). These 3 artists give the proof of the international dimension of video art, its hybrids forms (video, television, computer, cinema, visual arts, music…), its insolent attitudes regarding the artistic rules in effect then. 



New video I made for http://www.safari.spamm.fr/

Music / Roger Tellier-Craig
Video+sound editing / Sabrina Ratté

Travel on an undefined territory where the illusion of a continuous tracking shot emphasizes an unreachable destination. Through the syncopated editing and multiple transitions, images of the area themselves become traveling entities, creating confusion on the level of the depicted space as much as with the level of its temporality.



Very beautiful 3D effects done with the LZX Visionary System!



1986 - Dream and architecture merge in this work. A large mall is extended into an endless tunnel, which is then revealed to be a unit in a honeycomb of similar spaces.
Producer, Director: Van McElwee
Associate Producer: Lynnie McElwee
Editor: Morey Gers



Through her art, Sonia Landy Sheridan has investigated the inner landscape of her own intensely creative, and often playful, intelligence. Sheridan is known for her work with the new forms of technology that sparked the late-twentieth-century communications revolution as well as her experience as both an inspiring teacher and artist-in-residence at the 3M Company. Source of this text http://hoodmuseum.dartmouth.edu/exhibitions/2009soniasheridan/

More links:

1982 EASEL software; Cromemco Z-2D hardware; black & white video Showing the multi-dimensions
of the new graphic system. One of a Series.


Stretching the Grid 1982 EASEL software; Cromemco Z-2D hardware. Capturing the program menu and morphing it. 

1982 EASEL software; Cromemco Z-2D hardware; black & white video Cycled color. One of a Series of 100.

1985 Cromemco Z-2D computer with a Cat 4 graphics card, a black and white surveillance camera, and EASEL software by John Dunn. This system was the first available graphics software for the PC.



More films here > http://techchannel.att.com/index.cfm
(Just noticed that the embed link doesn't work, so I've added the URL under it)

This 1968 short shows some of the ways that Bell Laboratories scientists used computers in communications research. The film contains sequences of computer-generated movies, photographs, music and speech. The entire score and main title and credits of the film were produced on a computer - which seems like nothing today, as every film and video in modern production makes its way through a machine - but at the time this was radically early for computer graphics and music.

This film specifically documents the output of an early text-to-speech program. Cecil Coker worked on this project, which is an articulatory synthesis program.

(Film by Ken Knowlton)
NOTE: The film is silent, but still great. This film explains how the computer scientists and mathematicians at Bell Labs created early computer graphics films, like most (though not all) of these films, made by Bell Labs employees E.E. Zajac, A. Michael Noll, Ken Knowlton, Frank Sinden, and many others. A Computer Technique..., from 1964, gives the basics on the process, from Ken Knowlton's BEFLIX programming language for a raster-scan (bitmap) output, to the hardware details (IBM 7094 mainframe, Stromberg-Carlson 4020 microfilm printer). Footage Courtesy of AT&T Archives and History Center, Warren, NJ


Suuns// 2020

New video I made for the Montreal band Suuns.


"ElectrOgier" // GENEVIÈVE HERVÉ

This video is the first video-painting by Geneviève HERVE with her muse Pascale Ogier. It has been broadcasted by French television in January 1982 (in LES ENFANTS DU ROCK). http://genevieveherve.com/ Thanks to Video Circuit



After a year break, I decided to get involved again in this project called 52 Pick-Up Videos. Initiated by Dayna Mcleod, the project challenges participants to produce a video per week for a whole year and to publish it on the website. This is the best way I found so far to keep me disciplined about my personal work and it really helps me to keep moving, no matter if it's forward, backward, sideward. 

Dance Study #1 with the dancer Claudine Hébert, music by Roger Tellier-Craig.

Here is what I did in 



Short video inspired by "The Zone" from Tarkovsky's film "Stalker" and from the Strugatsky's Brothers book "Roadside Picnic". This video is part of the project "Special effects"commissioned by Cartune Xprez. It will premiere at the Museum of the Moving Images in NYC on January 18th.

Contributors include James Duesing, Amy Lockhart, Yoshi Sodeoka, Billy Grant, Michael Bell-Smith, Ola Vasiljeva, Jacob Ciocci, Andrew Benson, Jeff Kriksciun, Chad VanGaalen, Philippe Blanchard, E*Rock, Luke Painter, Brandon Blommaert, Stu Hughes, Devin Flynn, Michael Robinson, Sabrina Ratté, Ben Coonley, and Brenna Murphy. Written by Peter Burr, Maya Lubinsky, and PFFR. Costumes by Diana Joy. Set by Peter Burr and Elliot Montgomery. Computer programming by Mike Heavers.