Here is the result of the work in progress I talked about here. It's a 1 minute video I made for the 50 years of video art, commissioned by CQAM. I used the LZX modular video synthesizer to interact with the movements of the dancer. The context of this commission seemed like the perfect opportunity to pay an homage to many of my favorite video artists who worked with dancers and videos. Ed Tannenbaum, Erkki KuriennemiWoody Vasulka, Jean Piché for example. 

Roger Rellier-Craig did a fantastic job for the music, and Claudine Hébert was the wonderful dancer.



"Film is capable of presenting unrealistic world as a vivid reality and creating a strange space peculiar to the media. My major intention is to change the ordinary every day life scenes and draw the audience (myself) into a vortex of supernatural illusion by exercising the magic of films." (Takashi Ito, in Image Forum, Oct.1984)